Fractured World

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Fractured World is an adventure which takes place in an entire other world called World 013. Most of the world has been completely destroyed with the remaining life only populating the few last sky islands. You’ve been sent to this world because of your bad behavior in the Overworld and your tasked with the objective to explore the islands and defeat the bosses. Do you have what it takes to escape this crazy world?


Hello Larry. You’ve been degraded because of your bad behavior and sent to World 013. The world has become hostile and primitive and it’s your mission to eliminate it.

Main Quests

Explore all the different islands (Ice Isle, Sky Desert, Mushroom Field and Lava Island) and defeat the four different bosses found on one each of the islands.

Recommended Rules

  • No cheating
  • Don’t change the time
  • Don’t go to the Nether
  • No use of mods
  • Don’t change the difficulty or gamemode

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