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This is a minigame which lets you play floorball in Minecraft. The map comes with an add-on which implements a few customs features which makes all of this possible. It’s a quite recent sport which was originally created in Sweden (just like Minecraft) and it works as following. All players of two different teams are equipped with sticks which they use to hit a ball. (Think hockey, but on floorboards.)

How to play?

In the center of the floorball rink you will find a small ball. Wait for everyone to join before hitting the ball. The objective is kind of obvious. Use the floorball stick to hit the ball into the goal to score. If your team scores a goal then a notification text will appear on the screen.

You can either choose to play by your own rules or you can refer to one of the rule books available on the Internet. It’s a really fun minigame which you can use to arrange tournaments and othert types of games with friends.


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