Flintlock Pistol Addon for MCPE

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The flintlock pistol is an old weapon which was first introduced in the 17th century but has since then (in the real world) been replaced by cartridge-systems and other modern technologies. This mod adds a flintlock pistol to the game. It actually replaces the fishing pole so this means you can’t use a fishing pole while using this addon.

How to get the weapon?

You can purchase flintlock pistols from villagers. The Flintlock Pistol replaces the fishing pole.

  • iOS / Android: Hold an emerald, long press on a villager and press Buy Pistol
  • Windows 10: Right-click on a villager while holding an emerald

To use the weapon you simply need to equip it and then press the Shoot button on the screen. When I tested this it read “Fish” but it will likely be fixed in an upcoming update for this addon.

As this is a long range weapon you don’t necessarily have to get this close to an enemy to shoot it.

There is no aiming crosshair so to make sure that you hit the target just make sure it is somewhere in the center of the screen. Each hit equals 5 attack damage.


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