Five Nights At Freddys Addon for MCPE

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This addon replaces some of the mobs in-game with the animatronics from Five Nights At Freddy’s which is a popular horror game series. The models for the animatronics are quite well designed and each one appears to have a unique set of behaviors. Neither of the animatronics are friendly so this means that the primary use for this addon is to make the game mode difficult.

How does it work?

All of the new mobs are hostile toward players and most of them have different types of behaviors in terms of their health, movements and more. Most of the mobs (except for Old Chica and Foxy) can be found spawning naturally in the Overworld.

  • Old Chica (Wither Skeleton)
  • Old Freddy (Husk)
  • Old Bonnie (Zombie)
  • Balloon Boy (Pig)
  • Foxy (Stray)
  • Puppet (Enderman)



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