Find the Key or Die

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Can you complete the hardest levels, finding the key while defending yourself from dinosaur attacks? If you think you’re up to the challenge, this is the map for you. With four difficult levels, with more on the way, see if you can beat our BETA group’s average time of 22 minutes and find the key!

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You will spawn here in survival when you first log into the map and when you eventually die trying to find the key! Use the chests filled with food, potions, armour, and weapons to help prepare yourself for the challenging levels.

Level: 1

In an old Victorian library, try and figure out which button/plate is the key to teleport to the next level. Please note that you may have to fight off velociraptors.

Level: 2

This is one of our more challenging levels. Set within a large old church, you have to defend against velociraptors and indoraptors in your effort to find the key.

Level: 3

Don’t drown. The underwater breathing potion may come in handy. There are over a thousand buttons in this map, so you will have to keep on swimming back to the submarine to catch your breath. Some of the fish are not as friendly as they look…

Level: 4

Set within an old castle’s great hall, defend against velociraptors and oviraptors in your effort to find the key. Remember to look in every nook and cranny.


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