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This is Epcot Center, a custom recreation by Mickeynerd17 Productions, giving a Minecraft twist to the Iconic Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow.

This map was made completely by myself. The map took approximately 1 year to build. This map is always a work in progress, but all open pavilions have complete interiors with functioning rides you can enjoy. I hope you enjoy my hard work, and have a good day!

This map was a personal endeavor by myself. Ever since I discovered the past version of the theme park I love most, which was in 1989 with all the original pavilions, I have always wanted to build my own version as it looked back in 1989 to enjoy and modify. Now I want to share my hard work with the world, so everyone can enjoy the promise of a bright future!

Thanks for checking out my map, and welcome to the 21st century!

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