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The End Dimension has been long overdue for a new mob update for a while, I decided to change that! Today I’m releasing my Endcreased addon which adds 9 new mobs to the End!


The Endruid is a mob that’s the End version of the Evoker, it can spawn Vexs and Fangs.

The Endereye acts like a ghast which shoots small fireballs at you.

The Shulk is like an Iron Golem in which it’s a big brute and hit’s hard, oh and it hates Endruids.

The Shulkhead is a shulker without a shell and hops arounds like a slime.

The Enderfly, just a mob that annoys you and the Shulk!

The Enderloc will act as a mode of transportation, to tame it simply keep hopping on it like a horse. You can even put a saddle and a chest on it!


The Ender Villager will spawn in the End and will allow you to make some trades after visiting the End Cities! If a normal villager is killed by an enderman, it will become an Ender Villager.

The Ender Phantom is just a normal Phantom that spawns in the End after a few day’s of not sleeping.

Finally, we have the Flying Shulker which can fly around and shoot levitation bullets at you, he’s also dyeable with the available 15 colors!

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