DS : Treasure Wars

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Treasure wars, a fun minigame which brings Minecraft command block maps to a new level. this map actually inspired from famous minigame of the Hive Bedrock Server!

We used all of our knowledge to make a map wich just gave you a server feel, not a feeling of “ah here they did this because they couldn’t do that”. As always in Darkside, we stand for quality, 100% quality which is just what this map is. We hope yall will enjoy this map as more then we did on making that treasure(seriously that took a lot of time). While we made this map we also hide a little bit of an easter egg (it’s just a sign where you least expect it), can you find it?

Note : it requires 4+ player to start


This map contains lots of possibilities and can promise a very fun time playing it! All of the features are listed below:

  • Custom villager trades with the new villager UI!
  • Custom blocks which prevent Griefing.
  • Custom generators.
  • Spectator mode.
  • Custom Treasure model.
  • Respawn system.
  • 4 Teams, randomly picked!
  • Support for an endless amount of players (above 4).

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