Dropper IB Halloween Map for MCPE

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Dropper IB Halloween is the 6th map in an ongoing series of dropper maps. This time it features 14 different levels and some of which are Halloween themed. Most levels are really cool as they include really amazing color and pattern combinations which definitely boosts the experience of the map. If you are new to dropper maps then you might want to try one of the previous maps first.

How to play?

There are three rooms in total and in each one you will find four different levels. Make sure to read the signs to understand at which level to start.

The objective is the jump down and try to land in the water. Once you start falling use the normal controllers to steer away from the obstacles. It might take a few tries before you successfully land in the water. But once you do, it means you have completed that level and can move on to the next level.

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