Dolphins Concept Addon for MCPE

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The Dolphin is one of the new animals which will be added once the Aquatic Update comes out some time during Spring 2018. Remember, this add-on is just a concept based on very few details!

How does it work?

The “official Dolphin”, meaning the one which will be added in the Aquatic Update, will most likely have many other features than the ones being showcased in this add-on. For example, it will help players find treasures underwater. But most of what we know so far is very little, so take all of this with a grain of salt.

Dolphins thrive in the water. However, since they replace chickens they will for the most part spawn on land. This is only caused by add-on limitations. They are naturally friendly toward players.

You can tame dolphins by feeding them raw fish or raw salmon.

Tamed dolphins will follow you around as long as you’re in water. Don’t expect them to follow you up on land though. You can use lead on a dolphin and then tie it to a fence post to make it stay at one place.

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