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Doctor Husk is an addon which adds a doctor to the game. Are you hurt? No problems. Doctor Husk will heal you up and it won’t take more than a few seconds. You can’t bring him with you on your adventures but you can keep him stationed at your base and visit him in case of an emergency.

Oh noes, I am hurt. What do I do?

It’s impossible to tell when but at some point in your Minecraft life it’s likely that you will get hurt by a zombie or some other monster who wants nothing more than to eat you.

If you are lucky you will get away with just some scratches but sometimes you might need some medical attention.

Doctor Husk (replaces the husk, surprising huh?) is a new mob which will throw healing potions at you if you are hurt.

You would need to spawn him using a husk spawn egg or you could go out into a desert and try to find one and in some way get him back to your base. He doesn’t move so it might be easier said than done.

Get your own personal doctor today!


  • Remove health potion effect by drinking milk
  • Dies in water and rain
  • Immune to fire


  • New healing particles
  • Improved doctor design
  • Reduced behavior size
  • New function for healing player
  • .McAddon for easy import
  • Dies in water / rain
  • Instant healing
  • Fireproof ability
  • Updated spawn egg design
  • Bugfixes and some more!
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