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Remember those weird letters you saw in Digimon animes, the script that you see on Digimon Adventure’s Digivice. Do you want to type in those letters? Well, this is the first addon to allow you to type in Digimon DigiCode.

The Digimon DigiCode is an Addon that allows you to type DigiCode using a Japanese Keyboard because the DigiCode Alphabet is based on it. Of course there is a Roman Version of it. But not just any Japanese Keyboard, You need something that allows you to type in Full Width Roman letters.

How to use

  1. Download a Japanese Keyboard or see your phone’s settings and set up a Japanese Keyboard, but since typing in full width Roman is require to type Roman DigiCode, I suggest install Google Japanese Keyboard or GBoard, in my demo, I’m using GBoard.
  2. Type in Katakana Only for Japanese DigiCode, I didn’t bother editing the Hiraganas because it’s unnecessary.
  3. If you are aiming for Roman DigiCode, you can choose a full width of it, you will see that on suggestions above your keyboard.

How’s this possible?

Minecraft has files called Glyphs, it’s explain why some Addons can customise font, but I went deeper looking for the Japanese Glyph and that’s where I edited it.

By far, this is the only addon in MCPEDL that remembers Digimon. Only if someone could create an addon that adds Digimon without replacing existing mobs. In one of my videos, The Addon includes a Digimon version of AlphaBlocks Addon which contains both Japanese DigiCode and its Roman Version as blocks. But since the language file for Education Edition is not working on, I decided to remove them on this addon until I find a solution.

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