Desert Vindicator Addon for MCPE

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This add-on adds a new boss in your game. The Desert Vindicator! The Add-on also adds the Desert Vindicator House. You will find the Desert Vindicator inside his house. Or maybe close to your house. It will drop the Desert Star after you kill. A very valuable item!

How does it work?

The Desert Vindicator borns inside his house, which you find in the desert. You can also instantly generate the Desert Vindicator House giving the command /function desert_vindicator_house.

Be very careful. You must be well equipped to fight with the Desert Vindicator. He is very strong!

After killing the Desert Vindicator, you will get the Desert Star. With this star, you can make the Desert Star Sword. This sword give 30 damage in a entity, and give you speed while as you hold it. This sword is infinite. It will never end. You can use it forever.

Desert Vindicator House

Here are the images from the outside of the Desert Vindicator House.

Desert Vindicator

Here are the images of the new boss. The Desert Vindicator.


  • Spawns naturally in the desert along with your house;
  • Uses a iron axe in his hand;
  • Health: 300;
  • Attack: 8;
  • Aggressive;
  • Drops: 1 Desert Star.

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