Controllable Llama Addon for MCPE

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The llama is a new animal in the latest version of Minecraft PE. One of their main uses is the possibility to have them transport your blocks and items. Even though it’s always been possible to ride them it hasn’t been possible to control their movements. However, with this addon you will be able to do just that. You will basically be able to ride them quite similar to riding a horse and they are faster than expected!

How does it work?

Taming a wild llama works similar to taming a horse. Sit on the back of the llama until you see some heart particles. Open the inventory when you’ve tamed it and add a carpet as a saddle.

Controlling the llama works just the same way as to riding a horse. Simply run in the direction which you want to move. However, it’s still a weaker animal and this shows by the fact that it can’t jump.

You can still make use of the extra storage space by placing a chest on the llama. The controllable riding feature doesn’t affect this in any way.

You can boost the llama you are riding by holding some wheat and tapping on the ground. You can also leash the other llamas while riding a llama. Just make sure not to go too fast!

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