Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE)


TooManyRecipes Mod for MCPE

Author: SlapDashMC | Compatible: 1.1.3 | Download: 6173 | Like: 107

This is a mod for Android users which give you access to 34 new recipes which can be used for crafting everything from command blocks to horse armors.... 


Golem World PE Mod for MCPE

Author: wartave, RedstoneGunMade | Compatible: 0.15.4 | Download: 490380 | Like: 737

Golems are actual mobs in the PC version of Minecraft. But now they have gone and entered the game of Minecraft Pocket Edition as well, at least if you... 


DesnoGuns Mod for MCPE

Author: Desno365 | Compatible: 1.1, 1.0, 0.16, 0.15 | Download: 1443141 | Like: 6659

AK47s, rocket launchers, grenades and glocks are just few of the existing guns in what today is the most advanced weapons mod for Minecraft PE. How to... 


PocketDecoration Mod for MCPE

Author: TheViictor | Compatible: 1.1.0,0.16, 0.15 | Download: 876838 | Like: 11600

The PocketDecoration Mod adds 34 furniture and 16 colored stained glass blocks. Some of the decorations include a doorbell, plenty of kitchen furniture... 


Surface Mod for MCPE

Author: Pixeldroid | Compatible: 1.1.0 | Download: 2575 | Like: 50

This is a simple Android mod which lets the user teleport to the surface or to any available area below ground level and it’s all controlled by using... 


Pi Mod for MCPE

Author: Desno365 | Compatible: 1.0.5 | Download: 4477 | Like: 103

The Pi Mod turn your device into a powerful computer that calculates in real time the Pi with a precision of 1000 digits. It actually supports up to 1e+9... 


Worldedit PE Mod for MCPE

Author: GhostGaming_HD | Compatible: 1.0.4 | Download: 25677 | Like: 365

WorldEdit PE is an extremely useful tool (or rather mod) suited specifically for people who want to build magnificent creations in Minecraft more efficiently.... 


Infinite Elytra Flight Mod for MCPE

Author: ShadowOfWolf | Compatible: 1.0.3 | Download: 30857 | Like: 374

This is a mod which makes it possible to fly forever using the elytra wings. It is really useful in case you want a fast and easy way to explore Minecraft.... 


Dynamite Mod for MCPE

Author: Wartave | Compatible: 1.0.3 | Download: 32672 | Like: 263

This is a mod which adds six different types of dynamite to the game. Even though some of them don’t really explode (e.g. spawning water) they still... 


Torcherino Mod for MCPE

Author: sci4me,umerkk164 | Compatible: 1.0.3 | Download: 12594 | Like: 188

The Torcherino is a new type of torch which can be used for increasing the speed of different processes such as crops growth, furnace smelting and sapling... 

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