Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE)


Working Debug Stick Mod for MCPE

Author: ElementX_YT | Compatible: 1.4.2 | Download: 850 | Like: 11

The Debug Stick is an official item in version 1.13 for Minecraft: Java Edition. This mod implements the item to Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. Change the... 


Vertex Client Mod for MCPE

Author: VertexHX | Compatible: 1.2 | Download: 163569 | Like: 346

Vertex Client is a great cheating tool which can be used in mob combat, for building and to greatly improve your moving abilities. It can be used both... 


Damage Indicator Mod for MCPE

Author: Wartave | Compatible: 1.2.10 | Download: 27262 | Like: 344

The Damage Indicator Mod adds a helpful display window to the top left corner of the screen user interface. It’s active as soon you’ve interacted with... 


Weapons Case Loot Mod for MCPE

Author: Wartave | Compatible: 1.2.10 | Download: 29273 | Like: 567

The Weapon Case Loot mod adds 24 new swords to Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. There is no way to craft the new weapons but sometimes a Weapon Case item is... 


Elemental Swords Mod for MCPE

Author: Wartave | Compatible: 1.2 | Download: 340031 | Like: 2088

The Elemental Swords Mod adds 9 new swords. Each sword got a unique power related to its element. One sword can cause a a tornado which will make anyone... 


Bedrock Minecraft World Editor Mod for MCPE

Author: Monty Wild | Compatible: 1.2.9 | Download: 9311 | Like: 256

Bedrock Minecraft World Editor is a fork of GhostGaming_HD’s World Edit PE, which was released in late 2014, and then later updated in early 2017,... 


Alex Home Homepoints Mod for MCPE

Author: AleXoTroN | Compatible: 1.2.8 | Download: 4791 | Like: 107

Alex’s Home is a mod which lets you set multiple different homepoints at different points across your world. You can then use different commands to teleport... 


Golem World PE Mod for MCPE

Author: wartave, RedstoneGunMade | Compatible: 1.2 | Download: 898574 | Like: 2023

Golems are actual mobs in the PC version of Minecraft. But now they have gone and entered the game of Minecraft Pocket Edition as well, at least if you... 


Alexs Commands Mod for MCPE

Author: AleXoTroN_Official | Compatible: 1.2.6 | Download: 20556 | Like: 273

Alex’s Commands Mod is a really useful mod you can use if you want to be able to control your in-game gameplay by the use of simple command lines. There... 


WoodEdit Mod for MCPE

Author: Jakub | Compatible: 1.2.5 | Download: 11132 | Like: 262

This mod is the ultimate tool for more efficient building in Minecraft. It’s limited to Android use only as it requires a third-party launcher such as... 

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