Survival Maps

Subnautica Survival

Author: JUSTINTDML | Compatible: 1.10 | Download: 469 | Like: 22

Do you love the underwater game Subnautica!? Well, now you can play it in Minecraft Bedrock. Explore this vast underwater world of 1024 x 1024 blocks.... 

Lands of Aveail

Author: TAZMOE | Compatible: 1.10 | Download: 256 | Like: 14

This is a survival/CT map, it is made for harder survival, and also for building. This land has no structures of any sort. Made for people who want to... 

Raionny City

Author: Ezhov17 | Compatible: 1.9.0 | Download: 3231 | Like: 163

Raionny city is a big metropolis where you can live. In this city there are more than 4,000 residents, above this map it took more than a year to build.... 

5 Simple Traps

Author: JalTheDude | Compatible: 1.10.0 | Download: 2040 | Like: 71

These are 5 simple traps that are easy to make in survival mode and work reliably on realms and servers. A couple of these were inspired by Mumbo Jumbo... 

Auto Lava House

Author: SkyGames | Compatible: 1.8.1 | Download: 4434 | Like: 259

Auto Lava House is a survival world and also a custom redstone house! At night your house will be surrounded by lava to protect you from the devilish monsters... 

Delta Sky Islands

Author: InfinaMii | Compatible: 1.8.1 | Download: 1767 | Like: 62

In this map you start on an island in the middle of the sky, and have to make your way to the other islands using the blocks provided to gather resources.... 


Aether PE

Author: aj_esquivell | Compatible: 1.8.1 | Download: 5784 | Like: 67

I always loved the Aether series, from the first release to now, Aether II: Highlands. Since the developers are not yet making a mod for PE aka Bedrock... 


DarkSide Factions Realm Map

Author: DarkSideStudios | Compatible: 1.8.0 | Download: 3057 | Like: 40

This map combined all features of Factions (Survival) in one single map. It is best suited for Realms or for local multiplayer. In Factions you basically... 



Author: KhangaridGamer | Compatible: 1.8.0 | Download: 7381 | Like: 10

Welcome to SnowBlcok, a map inspired by Skyblock but Christmas themed! This map has similar functionalities as skyblock but it’s covered in snow. The... 


SG Mexa: Acacia Forest

Author: SkyGames Team | Compatible: 1.7.0 | Download: 2299 | Like: 7

This map is part of SG Mexa which is a series of survival worlds which have been created using tools such as WorldEdit and then the world is ported to... 

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