Survival Maps


Apocalyptic City Map for MCPE

Author: Vareide, MrMvBPE | Compatible: 1.0.4 | Download: 20880 | Like: 43

This map is a survival games world set in an apocalyptic city which is suitable for anyone who is a fan of The Walking Dead or just find apocalyptic... 


Apocalypse Map for MCPE

Author: xyrus67 | Compatible: 1.1.0 | Download: 3675 | Like: 6


EckoSoldier Lets Play World Map for MCPE

Author: EckoSoldier | Compatible: 1.1.0 | Download: 10745 | Like: 31

EckoSoldier is one of the biggest YouTubers in the Minecraft Pocket Edition community. More than half a million people are subscribed to his channel and... 


Simple Sea Settlements Map for MCPE

Author: Johnson | Compatible: 1.1.0 | Download: 6757 | Like: 12

This map is good if you are looking to set off your next survival adventure with a little bit of a story. You’ll start out on a small island with a lighthouse... 


Mega Skyblock Map for MCPE

Author: TheGamingCyclone | Compatible: 1.0.6 | Download: 5387 | Like: 8

Mega Skyblock is a little bit different from the ordinary skyblock survival challenge as it includes fourteen different islands (instead of just one)... 


Sweet Home Map for MCPE

Author: Unknown | Compatible: 1.0.6 | Download: 17275 | Like: 40


4 Pillar Survival PE Map for MCPE

Author: Dauntain, JonCris | Compatible: 1.0.5 | Download: 4586 | Like: 14

4 Pillar Survival is challenging survival map where you will find yourself stranded on a skyblock island surrounded by four huge pillars. Each pillar symbolizes... 


Trading Skyblock Map for MCPE

Author: StarkTMA | Compatible: 1.0.5 | Download: 10007 | Like: 26

This is a much better version of the original skyblock survival map. It uses an addon as well as some clever tricks to let you access a store which can... 


Sky Survival Islands Map for MCPE

Author: JacobCasler | Compatible: 1.0.4 | Download: 5845 | Like: 9

This map spawns you on a skyblock island with very little resources. It’s up to you to use whatever survival skills you’ve got to survive for as long... 


Kidsource Easy Skyblock Challenge Map for MCPE

Author: Kidsource | Compatible: 1.0.3 | Download: 13638 | Like: 21

This map is a skyblock survival challenge where the main objective is to reach the final island. You will start out on a small island with few resources.... 

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