Survival Maps


Apocalyptic City Map for MCPE

Author: Vareide, MrMvBPE | Compatible: 1.0.4 | Download: 2771 | Like: 3

This map is a survival games world set in an apocalyptic city which is suitable for anyone who is a fan of The Walking Dead or just find apocalyptic... 


Kidsource Easy Skyblock Challenge Map for MCPE

Author: Kidsource | Compatible: 1.0.3 | Download: 7003 | Like: 15

This map is a skyblock survival challenge where the main objective is to reach the final island. You will start out on a small island with few resources.... 


Big Game Hunter Addon Map for MCPE

Author: Goreckicraft123,Mrblockcrafter,Benimatic | Compatible: 1.0.2 | Download: 30840 | Like: 93

This is a map and addon which lets you try modern hunting in Minecraft. The bow has been replaced by a rifle both by textures and sound. And most of the... 


Caiobrz Survival World Map for MCPE

Author: Caiobrz | Compatible: 1.0.2 | Download: 12579 | Like: 37

This is a great world which you can use for your next survival adventure in case you don’t want to start off entirely from scratch. It features a large... 


Survival Block Map for MCPE

Author: Khang Herobrine | Compatible: 1.0.0 | Download: 9010 | Like: 12

You got bored playing the normal survival? You also bored Sky Block?  A new play style you prefer, this map provides you with one new playing • Map... 


Simple Sky Adventure Map for MCPE

Author: DelisoJan | Compatible: 1.0.0 | Download: 5826 | Like: 3

Simple Sky Adventure is a challenging map which forces you to try to survive the life on multiple different skyblock islands. Each island is different... 


Hello Neighbor Alpha 2 Map for MCPE

Author: RealAnderson6 | Compatible: 0.16.2 | Download: 17445 | Like: 26


Christmas Skyblock Map for MCPE

Author: JoeyKey | Compatible: 1.0, 0.16 | Download: 33865 | Like: 42

Christmas Skyblock is a challenging survival map with 12 islands floating high up in the sky. The ultimate challenge is to survive for as long you can... 


Treehouse Map for MCPE

Author: Scott_Range | Compatible: 0.16.2 | Download: 8687 | Like: 12


Survival Series Map for MCPE

Author: Blaze-13 | Compatible: 0.16.2 | Download: 4782 | Like: 2

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