Redstone Maps


Cute Songs Noteblock Map for MCPE

Author: The Excel Craft | Compatible: 1.0.2 | Download: 1488 | Like: 1

This is a redstone map which features five different songs which each last for somewhere between 20 to 30 seconds. It’s a fun little showcase to see... 


Working TV Map for MCPE

Author: vivek1128 | Compatible: 1.0.0 | Download: 9919 | Like: 8

This is a clever redstone creation which is supposed to work similar to a TV. You can turn it on and off and watch an infinite variety of shows as none... 


Auto Redstone Suburban House Map for MCPE

Author: XxSamPlaysMcxX | Compatible: 1.0.0 | Download: 10682 | Like: 6

When you go to the house make sure you go to the little pool thingy and then click the lever and then a pool will appear.


Advanced TNT Cannon Map for MCPE

Author: ElementX | Compatible: 1.0.0 | Download: 3831 | Like: 4

This is an advanced TNT cannon which is really useful if you want to set up a defense for your base. For example, maybe you are going to play a TNT wars... 


Simple Redstone 2 Map for MCPE

Author: ShirutoRivalMC | Compatible: 1.0.0 | Download: 5841 | Like: 2

This is a map which features somewhere around 10 different redstone machines and the best thing is that all of them are very easy to build. Get some inspiration... 


Working Brewing Stand Map for MCPE

Author: TalMelamed | Compatible: 1.0, 0.16 | Download: 1513 | Like: 1

The brewing stand is a block in Minecraft which can be used for brewing potions. You can then consume the potions to gain temporary powers such as increased... 


Modern Redstone House Map for MCPE

Author: boi_itz_hopper | Compatible: 0.16.2 | Download: 10425 | Like: 14


Tic-Tac-Toe Map for MCPE

Author: devans2048 | Compatible: 0.16.2 | Download: 3993 | Like: 2

Tic-tac-toe is a game where you take turns marking spaces in a 3×3 grid. To win you have to successfully place three of your markers in a horizontal,... 


Working Huge Furnace Map for MCPE

Author: TalMelamed | Compatible: 0.16.2 | Download: 3190 | Like: 1

This redstone creation works just the same as an ordinary furnace except that it’s at least hundred times bigger and entirely powered by different types... 


15 Redstone n Slime Creations Map for MCPE

Author: Ima_Hot_Dog | Compatible: 0.16.2 | Download: 2163 | Like: 1

This map features 15 different redstone and slime creations. The majority of the creations are ones which I haven’t seen showcased in any other redstone... 

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