Redstone Maps

Redstone Elevator Collection

Author: BOLTLV 4215 | Compatible: 1.12 | Download: 4157 | Like: 195

This is a Redstone Elevator Collection Map created by BoltLv 4215. It will make it easy for you to understand how to make a Redstone Elevator. Why not... 

Redstone Alternatives

Author: WONDEREDLAMB256 | Compatible: 1.10 | Download: 897 | Like: 29

This world explains a way people used mechanisms in MCPE before Redstone was added in 0.13.0. This uses signs, cacti, sand and more to show you Rube Goldberg-style... 

Redstone World

Author: ColDog5044 | Compatible: 1.10 | Download: 2405 | Like: 128

Welcome to ColDog5044’s Restone World. This map is undergoing new changes weekly and will be updated ASAP. There are multiple Redstone contraptions... 

Step by Step Tutorial

Author: PANDUASHIDIQ | Compatible: 1.10 | Download: 586 | Like: 20

Redstone step by step tutorial is a map that will guide you to build the redstone creation in step by step. This map is good for you who want to build... 


EverySoundInMCPE Map for MCPE

Author: krivas | Compatible: 1.9.0 | Download: 4402 | Like: 55

This map supposedly includes all the different sounds which are included in the original version of the game (meaning, no external resource packs are required).... 


20 Favorite Redstone Creations Map for MCPE

Author: Redstonephantom2017 | Compatible: 1.8.0 | Download: 15048 | Like: 61

This map features twenty different redstone creations which include a great mix of complexity. However, one thing they have all got in common is that each... 


Self-Building Modern House

Author: TheCrazyTitan, CrackedCubes | Compatible: 1.8.0 | Download: 14924 | Like: 317

This modern house builds itself. Walk out of a tunnel and find a switch which turns a forest clearing into a luxurious one-bedroom house. Embarking on... 


Ultimate Redstone Creations

Author: WavePlayz | Compatible: 1.8.0 | Download: 8596 | Like: 59

This is a redstone showcase map which shows off a bunch of cool and useful redstone creations which you could attempt implementing in your own world. It’s... 


Mane 6 Magical Items

Author: Sunset Shimmer | Compatible: 1.7.0 | Download: 5130 | Like: 27

Special thanks to Element X and Derpy Jhomes who inspiring me to make this map. Based from my favorite show My Little Pony FiM. This map was related to... 


CustomCommand Guide

Author: Zucth | Compatible: 1.7.0 | Download: 2300 | Like: 20

CustomCommand Guide is a map that is for people who want to make their own map with custom things such as custom item skill, custom mobs and so on. This... 

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