Redstone Maps


Smart House Mega Farm

Author: ariankhatabi80 | Compatible: 1.6.1 | Download: 10335 | Like: 22

This creation features a really nice looking house built in a savannah biome which could serve as a great outpost for your next adventure. Inside the house... 


Safest Redstone House

Author: MCPEJOHN | Compatible: 1.6.1 | Download: 23147 | Like: 44


Controllable Flying House

Author: Jhomes | Compatible: 1.6.1 | Download: 11488 | Like: 10

The flying house is the ultimate solution for anyone who like owning a house but at the same time enjoy to move around and don’t be stuck to just one... 


My Redstone Smart House

Author: DireWolf314159 | Compatible: 1.6.1 | Download: 23436 | Like: 46

This map features a big mansion which is suitable for all kinds of adventures where you need somewhere safe to stay. There is one master bedroom (with... 


Top 10 Inspired and Upgraded Command Block Creations

Author: The Gaming Lamp,Guava juice8277 | Compatible: 1.6.1 | Download: 4037 | Like: 0

This map features cool command blocks creations that Eystream & ElementX have featured on their YouTube channels. However, I have done some things... 


Modern Redstone House

Author: boi_itz_hopper | Compatible: 1.6.1 | Download: 20326 | Like: 61


Modern Redstone Mansion

Author: DarkStudios | Compatible: 1.6.1 | Download: 7254 | Like: 0

Ever wanted to have a Modern Mansion with fully working redstone contraptions? Now you can have one! This Modern Mansion is located right at the beach... 


Craftable Items

Author: Inviziy | Compatible: 1.6.1 | Download: 4280 | Like: 0

This is a redstone and command blocks machine which can be used for making custom crafting recipes and of course also craft the items. The crafting process... 


Semi-Realistic Elevator

Author: mikkeeeyyyy | Compatible: 1.6.0 | Download: 2182 | Like: 1

This map showcases a Semi-Realistic Elevator Design that you can use for one of your maps. It includes commands description and tutorials and other information... 


Command Quest

Author: mikkeeeyyyy | Compatible: 1.5.3 | Download: 1702 | Like: 0

Command Quest is a map consisting of 10 Commands Related Puzzles. In this map, you have to solve each puzzles by entering or using in-game Minecraft’s... 

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