Redstone Maps


Be a Wizard

Author: CreeperGamerZXZ | Compatible: 1.2.8 | Download: 4516 | Like: 5

This map adds several new items to the game by the use of redstone and commands blocks. All items have new features which will give you powers of a wizard.... 


iPhone X

Author: Pastimeboy | Compatible: 1.2.8 | Download: 10049 | Like: 9

This is a fully working recreation of the iPhone X in Minecraft. iPhone X is one of the latest Apple products currently available on the market. This... 


Creepy Sounds for Horror Map for MCPE

Author: FH_Miner | Compatible: 1.1.0 | Download: 14420 | Like: 23

This map showcases multiple different sounds which exist in the vanilla version for Minecraft PE. All of the showcased sounds are extremely creepy and... 



Author: KruCrafter | Compatible: 1.2.5 | Download: 3030 | Like: 6

BeatCrafter is an advanced redstone machine which lets you create your own music within Minecraft. It’s basically a machine/sequencer/controller all-in-one... 


Modern Redstone House

Author: Reinplayzz | Compatible: 0.14.0 | Download: 207602 | Like: 615

Modern Redstone House Map includes every redstone feature you could wish for and it also looks very cool! In the basement you will find an armor station,... 


1-12 Piston Extenders

Author: MDS Minecraft | Compatible: 1.1.5 | Download: 2229 | Like: 3

This map is a showcase which demonstrates 12 different piston extenders. They basically use different redstone configurations in order to extend the push... 


Working Brewing Stand Map for MCPE

Author: TalMelamed | Compatible: 1.2 beta | Download: 4156 | Like: 7

The brewing stand is a block in Minecraft which can be used for brewing potions. You can then consume the potions to gain temporary powers such as increased... 


RS Smart Modern House Super Ultra

Author: M7MoGameR | Compatible: 1.1.5 | Download: 18947 | Like: 38

This map features a relatively small house but with much more to show. There are over 60 redstone creations and together they use more than 500 command... 


20 Redstone Creations Map for MCPE

Author: Yellow fox | Compatible: 1.1.5 | Download: 13205 | Like: 8

This map includes 20 different redstone creations ranging everywhere from TNT traps to airplanes and TNT cannons. It’s mostly basic redstone structures... 


Raffis Calculator 2

Author: theRaffii | Compatible: 1.1.4 | Download: 3051 | Like: 4

Here’s a highly advanced calculator entirely powered by redstone (and blocks, but no pistons). Use it to calculate any of your math problems. It supports... 

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