Redstone Maps


Nether Core Reactor: No Mod

Author: edhyjox | Compatible: 1.4.4 | Download: 743 | Like: 3

The Nether Reactor was the name of a structure which you could build before the Nether dimension existed on Bedrock (previously Pocket Edition). It essentially... 


Self Building House

Author: BluFlyaway | Compatible: 1.4.2 | Download: 18622 | Like: 27

This map uses a ton of command blocks which are used to create a house from scratch automatically. Different block animations and vanilla sounds are used... 


The Rift: Command Block Boss Fight

Author: BluFlyaway | Compatible: 1.4.2 | Download: 4891 | Like: 6

The Rift is a custom made command block boss fight. The boss is basically a zombie, but unlike normal ones. This zombie is way stronger and can carry out... 


Extreme Safe House

Author: M7MoGameR | Compatible: 1.2.14 | Download: 9972 | Like: 21

This map features an extreme safe house which will keep you well protected from most dangers in Minecraft. The main feature of the map is the modern mansion... 


Smooth Elevator

Author: Vladu11 | Compatible: 1.2.14 | Download: 4922 | Like: 5

This creation features a fully functional elevator which has the ability to both go up and down in a very smooth way. Unlike other command block based... 


Find The Button: Redstone Edition

Author: MattH44 | Compatible: 1.2.10 | Download: 4481 | Like: 7

This map consists of 14 different levels and each one is based on a certain block or item related to redstone. Although each level space is small, some... 


Working Nintendo Game Boy

Author: ChefFranky | Compatible: 1.2.14 | Download: 5945 | Like: 6

This is a recreation of the original Game Boy which was released by Nintendo back in 1989. It includes many cool features such as having the ability to... 


Beginner Guide to Commands

Author: JEBR_Gaming | Compatible: 1.2.11 | Download: 4152 | Like: 5

This map will teach you all the basics to all the commands in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. You will spawn in creative so you can look in all the different... 


Working Nintendo Switch

Author: ChefFranky | Compatible: 1.2.10 | Download: 20707 | Like: 23

This map features a really cool recreation of the Nintendo Switch in Minecraft.¬†Primarily redstone and command blocks have been used to create some really... 


Simplified 2 Way Flying Machine

Author: MineDrum | Compatible: 1.2.11 | Download: 2216 | Like: 1

This map showcases the (currently) most compact and simplest two directional flying machine in the Bedrock version of Minecraft. This new design takes... 

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