Pvp Maps


The Four Pillars

Author: DarkGlade03, Tyc728 | Compatible: 1.4.4 | Download: 2649 | Like: 5

The Four Pillars is a PvP multiplayer minigame which can be played by up to four teams simultaneously. You select a team by walking into one of the four... 


SG Cloudy Warfare

Author: SkyGames Team | Compatible: 1.4.4 | Download: 12557 | Like: 9

SG Cloudy Warfare is the latest and greatest creation from the SkyGames team. It’s a minigame and PvP map which features several modes and maps included... 


GCS Battle Grounds: OP Kit PvP

Author: TitanPlayz269 | Compatible: 1.4.2 | Download: 5497 | Like: 16

GCS Battle Grounds is a PvP minigame featuring three separate maps in one world as well as six unique kits! Play against your friend, or a whole handful... 


Island Wars

Author: Andiuber | Compatible: 1.4.2 | Download: 15524 | Like: 31

Island Wars is a multiplayer map suitable for 2-10 players. There are two different teams (blue vs red) and each team will spawn on their own island. Every... 



Author: _ySro_Maloka_ | Compatible: 1.4.2 | Download: 6727 | Like: 22


Lightning Wars

Author: McpeTPX | Compatible: 1.4.2 | Download: 2840 | Like: 9

Lightning Wars is a new gamemode minigame created by McpeTPX. This meant is aimed for 2 players with the objective being that each team have different... 


SG Zombies 3: Gun PvE

Author: SkyGames Team | Compatible: 1.4.2 | Download: 5099 | Like: 18

In this map we have added guns from the Cloudy Warfare texture pack plus re-wrote the whole code so there is way less lag. It has also been created on... 


LG Duels

Author: LaserGames | Compatible: 1.2.15 | Download: 4447 | Like: 9

LG Duels provides a simple 1v1 system for duels with other players. There are several different features included in this map. For example, you can set... 


SG Murder Mystery

Author: HongyiMC | Compatible: 1.2.14 | Download: 14426 | Like: 51

Murder Mystery is an exciting minigame for 5 players or more. As soon as the game has started one of the players will be selected as the murderer. Their... 


Bloxnite: Fortnite

Author: KrakenGames | Compatible: 1.2.14 | Download: 37482 | Like: 77

Bloxnite is a PvP and minigame based on Fortnite which is one of the top multiplayer battle royal games in the world. This map includes similar features... 

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