Pvp Maps


Kidsource PVP Arena

Author: Kidsource | Compatible: 1.2.5 | Download: 4596 | Like: 5

This is a medium sized PvP area with lots of weapons, levels, ladders and staircases – the fun never ends! Enjoy a rousing battle with your friends,... 


Massive Kit-PvP

Author: Lyon | Compatible: 1.2.5 | Download: 4824 | Like: 7

Massive Kit PvP is a really cool map which includes four different arenas with custom terrains. There are four different kits which you can choose between... 


Upward Kit

Author: Zigh | Compatible: 1.2.3 | Download: 1968 | Like: 3

This is a fully functional Kit PvP map which is based on a map in Team Fortress 2 which is a quite popular video game. Before spawning into the arena you’ll... 


SG CraftBros Kits

Author: SkyGames | Compatible: 1.2.3 | Download: 2169 | Like: 2

SG CraftBros is a minigame inspired by one of Hypixel’s popular games called Smash Heroes. Players choose a hero class and then fight each other in five... 


The Towers

Author: Heer | Compatible: 1.2.1 | Download: 2396 | Like: 3

The Towers is a multiplayer minigame with two different teams. The team bases are separated by some air and a few towers. The main objective for each team... 


TNT Maniac

Author: Cheete | Compatible: 1.2.1 | Download: 4116 | Like: 7

TNT Maniac is a minigame involving explosions and kits. It’s similar to that of Mineplex’s Bomb Lobbers where the main objective is to eliminate the... 


TNT Wars – Red VS Blue

Author: CracklyCactus17 | Compatible: 1.1.5 | Download: 7284 | Like: 5

TNT War is a PvP minigame where the main objective is to kill all other players of the opponent team. There are two different teams and each of them have... 


SumoPE Map for MCPE

Author: Cody2074, LoganS2922 | Compatible: 1.1.5 | Download: 6923 | Like: 3

SumoPE is a PvP minigame where there are some extra effects which help influence the gameplay. Before starting you can choose between several different... 


Sky Levitation Map for MCPE

Author: Sky Levitation | Compatible: 1.1.4 | Download: 6542 | Like: 8

Sky Levitation is a multiplayer map which combines skyblock PvP with levitation. There are a bunch of different islands and on each one you will find a... 


Arena PvP Map for MCPE

Author: FuuiZ Tchau | Compatible: 1.1.3 | Download: 11028 | Like: 13

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