Puzzle Maps


SG Micro Board

Author: SkyGames Team | Compatible: 1.2.14 | Download: 187 | Like: 0

SG Micro Board is a small puzzle game where you must turn on all of the lights to win the game. Make sure they’re all on and not off. If you are finding... 


The Legend of Zelda: Dungeons of Doom

Author: Joshspaceboy | Compatible: 1.2.14 | Download: 1992 | Like: 4

Welcome to a brand new adventure built in MCPE, a full, completely unique Zelda game. This is a full-length game that can take around 15 hours to complete!... 


Chemical Laboratory

Author: HEROTORXP | Compatible: 1.2.14 | Download: 2083 | Like: 4


Prison For Life: Are You Able to Escape?

Author: AlexL1980 | Compatible: 1.2.11 | Download: 7347 | Like: 12

You were arrested for a crime and put in prison for the rest of your life. But you have no intention to stay there for any longer than deemed necessary.... 


Untenable: Illogical

Author: BluFlyaway | Compatible: 1.2.11 | Download: 1668 | Like: 1

This map includes 10 illogical levels where the main objective is to find a way to get to the next stage, but there’s a catch. Nothing makes sense in... 


Troll Test 3

Author: FH_Miner | Compatible: 1.2.11 | Download: 3926 | Like: 5

Troll Test 3 is the third installment of the Troll Test map series which is released every year at the 1st of April in time for April Fools. Rage quit... 


UnfairPE Aqua Edition

Author: TheCraftyManiac | Compatible: 1.2.11 | Download: 1639 | Like: 4

This is the second addition to the UnfairPE map series. UnfairPE Aqua Edition is a multistaged puzzle map that will test everything you know about the... 


The Dummy Horror

Author: BendyTheDemon | Compatible: 1.2.11 | Download: 9345 | Like: 13

This is an adventure combining a puzzle with a horror story. You recently returned back home after a hard day at work and while you’re relaxing inside... 



Author: TheCraftyManiac | Compatible: 1.2.11 | Download: 3766 | Like: 5

UnfairPE is a multistaged puzzle map that tests everything you know about the basics of Minecraft. There are 5 levels ranking easiest to hardest making... 


Unthinkable Minecraft

Author: Deletric | Compatible: 1.2.10 | Download: 4153 | Like: 4

This puzzle map includes a series of different puzzles which will test your thinking process in multiple different ways. In each level you’ll find yourself... 

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