Parkour Maps


Parkour Pro Map for MCPE

Author: FuuiZ Tchau | Compatible: 1.1.3 | Download: 3917 | Like: 11


The Floor Is Lava Map for MCPE

Author: The_Redstoneer | Compatible: 1.1.3 | Download: 12135 | Like: 11

The Floor Is Lava is a parkour and minigame where you are allowed 10 seconds to examine a room before the floor turns into lava and you have to escape.... 


The Floor Kills Map for MCPE

Author: Mauwee | Compatible: 1.1.3 | Download: 7061 | Like: 9

The Floor kills is a multiplayer minigame where you have to do quite simple parkour in order to complete an obstacle course. If you drop down on the floor... 


Parkour Path Map for MCPE

Author: KlutzesMaps | Compatible: 1.1.3 | Download: 8468 | Like: 8

This map takes you through eight different obstacle courses which include a good range of jumping challenges. It’s suitable for most players, even ones... 


The White Map for MCPE

Author: BlackZero | Compatible: 1.1.3 | Download: 7941 | Like: 16

This map has an incredible amount of 49 different levels but neither of them are especially hard to complete. It’s best suited for beginners who don’t... 


Lucky Block Challenge Map for MCPE

Author: SpiderDestroyer | Compatible: 1.1.0 | Download: 44453 | Like: 77

This map is inspired by the minigame “Lucky Blocks Challenge” which is played by SSundee and MrCrainer on a weekly basis. Invite a friend (or multiple... 


Freerunning Extreme Map for MCPE

Author: DarcxGamerMC | Compatible: 1.1.1 | Download: 5113 | Like: 7

Freerunning is an extreme parkour map which includes a whole lot of gameplay as there are countless of levels. It’s best suited as a multiplayer map... 


Concrete Parkour Map for MCPE

Author: Team 47.3 | Compatible: 1.1.0 | Download: 8019 | Like: 9

Concrete Parkour is a really fun parkour map where all throughout the map you will automatically get different boost effects in order to complete challenging... 


Lucky Block Racing Map for MCPE

Author: Unknown | Compatible: 1.1.0 | Download: 13201 | Like: 13


Bounce Steve Bounce Map for MCPE

Author: Brenden_MC | Compatible: 1.1.0 | Download: 4044 | Like: 4

This is a really fun minigame parkour map in which you’ll have to jump from one platform to another by bouncing on slime blocks. If you fail, and accidentally... 

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