Parkour Maps


Half Heart Challenge

Author: AgentCPU0 | Compatible: 1.2.14 | Download: 1930 | Like: 3

Half Heart Challenge is a fun and challenging parkour map with a simple objective to understand. Even though the parkour obstacles appear to be very easy... 


Lucky Block Map

Author: Unknown | Compatible: 1.2.14 | Download: 4261 | Like: 9


Infinite Parkour

Author: Team Infinite Minds | Compatible: 1.2.14 | Download: 1550 | Like: 2

Infinite Parkour is a quick parkour map lasting somewhere around 5 – 10 minutes depending on your current parkour skills. The parkour course includes... 


Crazy Wipeout

Author: MattH44 | Compatible: 1.2.11 | Download: 3541 | Like: 10

Crazy Wipeout is a map based on the once popular game show called Wipeout. The map features an obstacle course which includes many different parkour challenges.... 


Elevation: The Dimensional Update

Author: RealChocoGamez | Compatible: 1.2.11 | Download: 3678 | Like: 6

Elevation is a fun, fast-paced parkour map where you have to get to the top of the map via parkour. It’s a bit like King of the Ladder except it is parkour... 


Easter Parkour 2018

Author: Coernerbrot | Compatible: 1.2.11 | Download: 3962 | Like: 5

Easter Parkour 2018 is a Jump’n’Run world. The map includes a special texture pack which makes the gameplay more enjoyable. There are three different... 



Author: BoundlessGaming | Compatible: 1.2.11 | Download: 3721 | Like: 7

ParkourMadness is a parkour map consisting five different parkour levels. Each level is about the same size, but they do get gradually more difficult as... 


Parkour Islands

Author: Examinedcat669 | Compatible: 1.2.11 | Download: 4201 | Like: 4

Parkour Islands is one of the biggest parkour maps currently available for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. As it includes a great amount of challenges it will... 


PFP Series

Author: M7MoGameR | Compatible: 1.2.10 | Download: 2518 | Like: 7

This map features three of the most popular minigames in just one map and for each minigame there are several levels. The minigames include parkour, find... 


SG InfiniRun

Author: SkyGames Team | Compatible: 1.2.10 | Download: 1909 | Like: 3

SG InfiniRun is an endless parkour map which automatically add on new levels as you progress in the game. In the bottom center of the screen there is a... 

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