Parkour Maps


RBS Parkour

Author: Rainbow Steve 2 | Compatible: 1.6.1 | Download: 1539 | Like: 0

Welcome to RBS Parkour. One of the most difficult parkour maps for Minecraft. This map includes 4 action-packed levels that show no mercy. Each level gets... 


SG Toxic Troubles

Author: SkyGames Team | Compatible: 1.6.1 | Download: 2136 | Like: 0

Many Dabs and Yeets have overrun humanity! This lab has been slowly destroying all toxic things on the internet! But they need a player to dodge the toxic... 



Author: MattH44 | Compatible: 1.6.1 | Download: 3916 | Like: 5

This parkour map includes 10 different challenging parkour courses. In each level you’ll get a different status effect which you must use in order to... 


The Floor Kills 2

Author: Mauwee | Compatible: 1.6.1 | Download: 1557 | Like: 0

The long-awaited The Floor Kills 2 is finally here! It’s a fun parkour map but with more elements of obstacles and challenges. By walking on top of certain... 


1 HP Heart

Author: Scerri | Compatible: 1.6.1 | Download: 10018 | Like: 2

This map takes you on a quite parkour challenge with a special survival twist. There are 10 different levels and in each one you will only have one half... 


Sand Runner

Author: mcpedash | Compatible: 1.6.0 | Download: 2219 | Like: 0

This is an intense parkour minigame which is inspired by Gravity Runner. In this game it’s all about constantly being on the move as if you are idle... 


Colour Parkour

Author: mikkeeeyyyy | Compatible: 1.6.0 | Download: 3479 | Like: 0

Colour Parkour is a map consisting of 10 colorful yet enjoyable levels for every parkour lovers and parkour professionals! This map is best played with... 


Lava Dash

Author: mcpedash | Compatible: 1.6.0 | Download: 3513 | Like: 0

This is a highly intense and thrilling parkour and minigame which involves lots of parkour and lava! The game objective is quite simple, but it’s nonetheless... 


Lava Run

Author: Andiuber | Compatible: 1.6.0 | Download: 2593 | Like: 0

Lava Run is a type of parkour map in which you will have to overcome all obstacles to reach the end without the lava reach you, you can play alone or with... 


SG Unseen Parkour

Author: SkyGames Team | Compatible: 1.6.0 | Download: 1964 | Like: 0

Do you remember SG’s The Lines? This map is similar to that one except that now you are in a pale blank room. Reach the gold block by doing parkour to... 

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