Minigame Maps


Glass Tower Map for MCPE

Author: Cleverlike & SnakeyeZZ | Compatible: 0.16.0 | Download: 5273 | Like: 4

Glass Tower is a minigame spleef map which requires at least two players (but preferably more) to be enjoyable to play. An addon is included to enable... 


Enderdads Epic Elytra Map for MCPE

Author: enderdad | Compatible: 1.0 | Download: 3841 | Like: 0

This map is one of the most challenging elytra maps currently available for Minecraft Pocket Edition (alpha version 1.0). There are no checkpoints and... 


Minecraft Advent Calendar 2016 Map for MCPE

Author: Haaky | Compatible: 1.0 | Download: 4079 | Like: 0

Play this map if you want a fun way to count down the days to Christmas. Every day you can open a new door to play a new type of minigame. Continue this... 


Blockman Map for MCPE

Author: Drqgon | Compatible: 0.16.2 | Download: 1854 | Like: 2


Elytra Championship Map for MCPE

Author: vivek1128 | Compatible: 0.17.0 | Download: 10165 | Like: 17

Elytra Championship is a an elytra wings map where you need to fly through rings in order to complete the levels. The objective is always to be first to... 


Black Hole Games Map for MCPE

Author: Nate | Compatible: 0.16.0 | Download: 1694 | Like: 0

This map is a mini game server that should be played with two to three people and each person gets three lives in a battle. Each person picks a kit to... 


Sleepy Hollows Map for MCPE

Author: Nate | Compatible: 0.16.0 | Download: 2040 | Like: 3


Cryossos Quest Map for MCPE

Author: Nate | Compatible: 0.16.0 | Download: 2332 | Like: 1

A Minecraft RPG game were you need to make the strongest sword in all the lands.


Arrow Warz Map for MCPE

Author: cleverlike & SnakeyeZZ | Compatible: 0.16.0 | Download: 4871 | Like: 2

Arrow Warz is an archer minigame map for two players. It uses an addon which makes arrows explosive and water just as deadly as lava. Try to kill the other... 


Black TNT Run 2 Map for MCPE

Author: BlackZero | Compatible: 0.16.0 | Download: 4793 | Like: 2

Black TNT Run 2 is an intensely fun parkour and minigame map. There are 10 different levels and in each one you must get to the other side of the room... 

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