Minigame Maps


Automated Racetrack Map for MCPE

Author: DelphicAuthor | Compatible: 0.15.0 | Download: 15889 | Like: 20

Automated Racetrack Map is by far one of the best horse racetrack map available for Minecraft Pocket Edition so far. It’s entirely powered by redstone... 


Everyone Run Map for MCPE

Author: TerrySze | Compatible: 0.15.0 | Download: 21941 | Like: 8

Everyone Run Map is a minigame speed run map which can be played by as many players you want. The obstacles would be impossible if it wasn’t because... 


Animal Racers PE Map for MCPE

Author: StrikerTeam | Compatible: 0.15.0 | Download: 13804 | Like: 10

Animal Racers PE Map is a minigame horse racing map for up to two players. As a participant your objective is to be the first one to reach the finish line... 


Horse Racing Map for MCPE

Author: DeoBolero | Compatible: 0.15.0 | Download: 25896 | Like: 25

Here’s a fun map for all users which have got the latest version of Minecraft Pocket Edition (0.15). It’s a big horse racing map which can be played... 


Castle Defence Map for MCPE

Author: JD1000 Ultimate | Compatible: 0.14.3 | Download: 22331 | Like: 19

The objective of Castle Defence Map is to defeat the skeletons by killing all of them. But, that is not so simple, considering that you are bombarded by... 


Burning House Map for MCPE

Author: [email protected] | Compatible: 0.14.3 | Download: 38689 | Like: 33

Burning House Map is like PopularMMos burning minigames now in mcpe. The map name in game is Huge Mansion Wood Remake. You need 2 or more players you must... 


Monster Factory Map for MCPE

Author: Luma | Compatible: 0.14.3 | Download: 19589 | Like: 15

Monster Factory is a survival minigame for up to 16 players. There are six different monster waves to complete. Around the map you will find several hidden... 


Creeper Pong Map for MCPE

Author: Stevenmcool | Compatible: 0.14.3 | Download: 8144 | Like: 5

Creeper Pong is a multiplayer minigame for up to two players. It’s inspired by ping pong (or table tennis) which is a world famous sport. The objective... 


Mob Fishing Map for MCPE

Author: FloBoi | Compatible: 0.14.3 | Download: 10894 | Like: 9

Mob Fishing is a new type of minigame which lets you compete against friends in a fishing tournament. However, the fishing is a little bit different from... 


Lever Locator Map for MCPE 0.15.0

Author: Blackonyx182 | Compatible: 0.14.2 | Download: 15272 | Like: 13

Lever Locator Map is a minigame which consists of 10 stages and a bonus room for those who can find the secret entrance. The objective for each room is... 

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