Minigame Maps


GCS Capture the Flag

Author: TitanPlayz269 | Compatible: 1.5.2 | Download: 2934 | Like: 0

GCS has now released their own version of the classic game, Capture the Flag, or “CTF”, for short. This game is fit so that two to eight people can... 


Find The Button: YouTubers Edition

Author: MattH44 | Compatible: 1.5.2 | Download: 4753 | Like: 0

This map includes 10 different levels and each one of them is based on a well known YouTuber in the Minecraft: Bedrock Edition community. For example,... 


Maze of Amaze

Author: MattH44 | Compatible: 1.5.2 | Download: 9050 | Like: 8

This map features 10 small mazes and each maze is different and challenging in its own way. It should be mentioned that they are very small, and that means... 


SG Build Brawl

Author: SkyGames Team | Compatible: 1.5.2 | Download: 1840 | Like: 0

Build Brawl is a memory and building challenge. It involves precise memory and building perfection skills. Upon playing the 4 player game, you must copy... 


Superland 2.0 Realm: FortNite Update

Author: Scuppy12 | Compatible: 1.5.2 | Download: 41401 | Like: 24

This map consists of several different minigames combined in one single map. It is best suited for Realms or for local multiplayer as most games are for... 


Prison Life

Author: NateTGM | Compatible: 1.5.2 | Download: 51695 | Like: 53

This map is inspired by a game in ROBLOX called Prison Life. It’s basically a multiplayer minigame where guards have to watch over prisoners and keep... 


SG Cake Wars

Author: SkyGames Team | Compatible: 1.5.2 | Download: 2691 | Like: 0

Cake Wars is a game of strategy and skill. Each team’s objective is to build their way to the enemies island and destroy their cake. You will have an... 


The Random Levels Game

Author: Brennan Coughlin | Compatible: 1.5.2 | Download: 2964 | Like: 0

There are 5 random levels that have challenges that you may have heard of in Minecraft. Beat them all and you win!


Find The Button: Aquatic Edition

Author: EndMerald99 | Compatible: 1.5.1 | Download: 3188 | Like: 0

In this map you will find a bunch of different levels which are inspired and based on the new Update Aquatic for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. In each level... 


Find The Button: Sports Edition

Author: MattH44 | Compatible: 1.5.1 | Download: 4319 | Like: 0

This time you are challenged to complete 10 different levels each based on a sport in real life. The main objective is to find a button which has been... 

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