Minigame Maps


Snowball War

Author: FabianDroiid | Compatible: 1.2.0 | Download: 1905 | Like: 1

This is a snowball war minigame for single player. You will be control over a character who you must defend against incoming snowballs. You must also make... 



Author: GloriousEsho | Compatible: 1.1.5 | Download: 2792 | Like: 3

TNT Run is a fun minigame which can either be played in single player or as a group in multiplayer. Either way, it’s a very intense minigame which takes... 


Volcano Run

Author: SkyGames | Compatible: 1.1.5 | Download: 3021 | Like: 2

Volcano Run is a fun TNT run based minigame which keeps players constantly moving around on a platform. If you stand still and don’t move for a bit too... 


SkyWars Paris

Author: _SrPedro_ | Compatible: 1.1.5 | Download: 6448 | Like: 10


Block Party 1.0

Author: FabianDroiid | Compatible: 1.1.5 | Download: 4883 | Like: 7

Block Party is a minigame which takes place on a platform which looks like a dance floor. Every new level you will retrieve a random colored block in your... 


Jungle Temple Escape

Author: The_Redstoneer | Compatible: 1.1.5 | Download: 6651 | Like: 8

This is a minigame which takes place in an ancient jungle temple. There are several small challenges and plentiful of deadly traps which you have to complete... 


Basketball SkyGames Map for MCPE

Author: SkyGames | Compatible: 1.1.5 | Download: 8189 | Like: 11

This is a really cool and well made minigame which lets you play basketball in Minecraft. It got several cool features such as the possibility to make... 


Ping Pong Map for MCPE

Author: Nogard | Compatible: 1.1.5 | Download: 9876 | Like: 9

This is a minigame which brings the world-famous sport of ping pong, also known as table tennis, to Minecraft. Rackets, ping pong balls and even a really... 


The Cube Escape Map for MCPE

Author: MT714 | Compatible: 1.1.5 | Download: 12491 | Like: 9

Test your skills in Minecraft by going through a series of 9 different challenges inside the space of a cube. You’ve been trapped inside the cube and... 


Boat Racing

Author: PIXEL_HUNTER | Compatible: 1.2 beta | Download: 5664 | Like: 6

This is a boat racing minigame which takes place on the ice and is in that sense not that different from bobsledding. The friction on ice is much less... 

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