Minigame Maps


FindtheButton Map for MCPE

Author: CHKGIRL | Compatible: 1.0.4 | Download: 4178 | Like: 5

The objective is to find and press a button in each room in order to unlock a door which leads to the next level. In that sense it’s a fairly simple... 


SkyWars Paris Map for MCPE

Author: ChicoGamer_999 | Compatible: 1.0.4 | Download: 4788 | Like: 8


Hot Feet Map for MCPE

Author: CryingGolem2636 | Compatible: 1.0.3 | Download: 1660 | Like: 2

Hot Feet is a minigame (very similar to Sand Scrambler) which requires at least two players but preferably more. It’s a very intense and exciting type... 


Hide and Go BOOM Map for MCPE

Author: AgentCPU0 | Compatible: 1.0.3 | Download: 3309 | Like: 4

Hide and Go BOOM! is a 1v3 minigame of nothing but pure luck. A team of 3 players will be hiding among 4 cannons, and the Cannon Master must eliminate... 


Black TNT Run Maze Map for MCPE

Author: BlackZero | Compatible: 1.0.3 | Download: 4584 | Like: 7

Black TNT Run: Maze is similar to other TNT run maps except that you will now also have to find your way out of maze while doing each run. This clearly... 


Sumo Map for MCPE

Author: TeamBOB123 | Compatible: 1.0.3 | Download: 4695 | Like: 11

This is a minigame map which is recommended for two players. The objective is to use a sword to knock off the other player from a platform. It’s inspired... 


The Ender Elytra Map for MCPE

Author: DanFlex,NetherBrine,BubbleGirlRox | Compatible: 1.0.2 | Download: 7253 | Like: 19

This is an awesome elytra map which includes a multitude of flying challenges which are for the most part very difficult (at least as soon you get past... 


Sand Scrambler Map for MCPE

Author: TeamBOB123 | Compatible: 1.0.2 | Download: 1972 | Like: 3

Sand Scrambler is a minigame where each player is given a flint & steel and then have to enter a room made out of mostly wood. The players are allowed... 


Small Olympic Games Map for MCPE

Author: BlueFoxKidd | Compatible: 1.0.2 | Download: 6275 | Like: 5

This map features five different games which you can compete in against your friends. There are everything from archery to swimming. Find out who real... 


Gold Crafter PvP Transformers Map for MCPE

Author: minecraftstyler777 | Compatible: 1.0.2 | Download: 4369 | Like: 24

This is a really cool map which features two gigantic robots which can be enabled to fight one another. I highly recommend to play this map with at least... 

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