Minigame Maps


SG Ravine Rush

Author: SkyGames Team | Compatible: 1.2.8 | Download: 153 | Like: 1

SG Ravine Rush is an intense minigame where you need to find a way to destroy your enemy’s life points and blow them up. But there’s more than that.... 


Lost Forest Hide and Seek

Author: Kidsource | Compatible: 1.2.8 | Download: 702 | Like: 1

This is a hide-and-seek minigame which is best suitable for multiplayer. The arena is themed as a Lost Forest and include a bunch of cool features. It... 


Wing Wars

Author: DerpMaster11 | Compatible: 1.2.8 | Download: 682 | Like: 2

Wing Wars is an elytra based PvP minigame which requires at least two players. The objective is simply to fly around, kill other players and collect items... 


SkyWar Prismo

Author: caduralph | Compatible: 1.2.8 | Download: 2261 | Like: 1


Zombie Apocalypse: Bow Edition

Author: ElGatoAzul7w7 | Compatible: 1.2.8 | Download: 3397 | Like: 5

Play this game to improve your archery skills. Equip yourself with a bow and arrow to kill zombies and gain points. You can then spend the points in a... 


Tundra Collapse Run

Author: Pixeldroid | Compatible: 1.2.8 | Download: 1906 | Like: 3

Snowy Cold Tundra is a minigame for 2-4 players where players have to struggle to survive the floor which is constantly collapsing. It’s different from... 


Basketball SkyGames: Update

Author: SkyGames | Compatible: 1.2.8 | Download: 16873 | Like: 16

This is a really cool and well made minigame which lets you play basketball in Minecraft. It got several cool features such as the possibility to make... 


SG BeastBattlers PVE: Update

Author: SkyGames Team | Compatible: 1.2.8 | Download: 4388 | Like: 7

Beast Battles is a PvE minigame where you’ll find yourself in an arena having to battle different kinds of hostile monsters. Collect experience points... 


Flying Zombies

Author: SkyGames | Compatible: 1.2.5 | Download: 6108 | Like: 3

This is a really fun and unique minigame where you’ll be challenged to complete different parkour courses while you’re being chased by a giant flying... 


World of Color Map for MCPE

Author: ItsMeProHech | Compatible: 1.2.8 | Download: 26801 | Like: 34

There are lots of different activities taking place in the World of Color. You can do parkour, go out on a small adventure and do a bunch of other things.... 

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