Customterrain Maps


Hand Island

Author: I RedPenguin I | Compatible: 1.2.11 | Download: 4958 | Like: 13

Hand Island is a huge island shaped as the palm of a hand. At the main center of the island you will find a forest and some mountains. And at the fingers... 


SG Custom Terrain Maker

Author: SkyGames Team | Compatible: 1.2.10 | Download: 3248 | Like: 6

This map includes a custom terrain maker which you can use to quick and efficiently create your own custom terrains directly in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.... 


Volcano Island

Author: RyFol | Compatible: 1.2.9 | Download: 11125 | Like: 16

This custom terrain features a small survival island situated somewhere far out in the ocean. On the island there’s an active volcano with tons of lava.... 



Author: keithross39 | Compatible: 1.2.8 | Download: 11284 | Like: 16

This is a custom terrain map which features a moonscape area covering 40 000 blocks (approx. 200 x 200 blocks). It is supplied only as a blank canvas with... 


Advanced Island

Author: Tyler707 Proarcher | Compatible: 1.2.5 | Download: 4933 | Like: 12

This map includes several custom terrains which include everything from a mushroom desert to a huge oak forest. It’s a great little world to explore... 


The Islands of Khanta

Author: LegoAidan10155 | Compatible: 1.1.5 | Download: 5656 | Like: 8

The Islands of Khanta features several large islands situated somewhere far out in the ocean. On each island you will find a different biome and this makes... 


Island Biomes

Author: I RedPenguin I | Compatible: 1.1.4 | Download: 8571 | Like: 13

This is a custom made world which features 5 completely different islands with different biomes like desert, mesa, mushroom, plains, and an exotic biome.... 


Survival Delight Map for MCPE

Author: Tyler707 Proarcher | Compatible: 1.1.4 | Download: 7139 | Like: 10

This is a huge custom terrain suitable for survival gameplay or other types of adventures. It includes several different biomes with custom trees, mountains... 


Massive Custom Biomes Map for MCPE

Author: Jamie GamingTM | Compatible: 1.1.3 | Download: 14957 | Like: 25

This is a massive custom terrain consisting of several different biomes. Most biomes already exist in-game but have been greatly improved to appear more... 


The Lands of Notch Map for MCPE

Author: ariankhatabi80 | Compatible: 1.1.3 | Download: 24838 | Like: 42

The Lands of Notch is one of the greatest custom terrains so far created for the Bedrock version of Minecraft. It features vast lands of forests, epic... 

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