Ctm Maps


Islands of Eden

Author: GokuSayanz | Compatible: 1.2.8 | Download: 2581 | Like: 3

Islands of Eden is a survival map taking place on islands in the sky. But it’s not just survival. You will also have to find wool blocks which are... 


Elmerlusa Mini

Author: jobetyk | Compatible: 1.2.6 | Download: 1232 | Like: 4

This map was created in celebration for Elmertech’s birthday. It’s small CTM (complete the monument) map built in a custom terrain with beautiful landscapes.... 


DeathCore I: Wonderground

Author: wedge | Compatible: 1.2.5 | Download: 2769 | Like: 6

This is the first map in the DeathCore CTM (Complete the Monument) map series. The main objective is to do whatever necessary to survive and find the blocks... 


Endless Tunnel

Author: Crisjp03 | Compatible: 1.2.5 | Download: 4345 | Like: 5

The Endless Tunnel isn’t really endless but it’s still a good description of what to be expected. It’s basically a 2000 blocks long tunnel with more... 


Snowy Hell 2

Author: jobetyk | Compatible: 1.0.3 | Download: 8950 | Like: 8

Snowy Hell 2 is an amazing challenge for anyone who consider themselves a good fighter and is looking for a new adventure. It’s a complete the monument... 


Bleak Cave Map for MCPE

Author: jobetyk_101 | Compatible: 0.15.6 | Download: 3339 | Like: 7


Color Trance Map for MCPE

Author: jobetyk_101 | Compatible: 0.15.6 | Download: 6798 | Like: 6


Verdous Passage Map for MCPE

Author: Elmertech | Compatible: 0.15.6 | Download: 4170 | Like: 6

Verdous Passage is a short but challenging complete the monument map. In this type of map the objective is to find two different blocks and use them to... 


The Jungle Map for MCPE

Author: Danyy9710 | Compatible: 0.15.4 | Download: 10687 | Like: 14

The Jungle is a map where the goal is to complete a monument by retrieving four wool blocks and placing them on a monument at spawn. It’s more difficult... 


Snowy Hell Map for MCPE

Author: jobetyk, jabierto | Compatible: 0.14.3 | Download: 16698 | Like: 21

Snowy Hell is a complete the monument map in which your quest is to find and retrieve two wool blocks and return them to the origin of the map. They are... 

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