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Fantasy Islands: Theme Park

Author: End_Boy_ | Compatible: 1.7.0 | Download: 24924 | Like: 22

Fantasy Islands is a medium sized theme park with several fun areas worth exploring. Each area is themed around a different topic and they include Roald... 


Rainbow Highschool

Author: darkdean | Compatible: 1.7.0 | Download: 1591 | Like: 0

This map features a big, colorful and rainbow themed high school. There are plenty of different rooms, a basketball court and even a swimming pool. The... 


Titan Manor

Author: TheCrazyTitan | Compatible: 1.7.0 | Download: 20793 | Like: 0

Explore a millionaire’s rural paradise — a secluded British manor house set within a forest with expansive grounds and amenities. This complex has... 


Funtopia Park

Author: Zen0ie | Compatible: 1.7.0 | Download: 5646 | Like: 1

Funtopia Park is a huge themed amusement park built by only two persons. It features a wide range of attractions such as plenty of fun roller coasters... 


New Desert Village and Villagers

Author: JPlaysPE | Compatible: 1.7.0 | Download: 7602 | Like: 1

This is an updated village that got announced at the Minecoin Earth Event 2018. In the Village & Pillage Update each biome gets different villages... 



Author: keithross39 | Compatible: 1.7.0 | Download: 39502 | Like: 15

Mesaville is more than a village as it features everything from a naval base to impressive strongholds and other cool structures. It’s by no means a... 


Modern Cliff Mansion

Author: TheCrazyTitan | Compatible: 1.7.0 | Download: 18768 | Like: 26

Explore a secluded billionaire’s paradise cut into a cliff on a private island. Accessible via bridge, boat or helicopter. Detox from the outside world... 


Summer Modern House

Author: Unknown | Compatible: 1.7.0 | Download: 20561 | Like: 16


Toadstool Castle

Author: pixelman546 | Compatible: 1.7.0 | Download: 22749 | Like: 23

Toadstool Castle is a famous building in the Super Mario universe. It has been featured in several different Super Mario game titles but personally I first... 


Smart House: Talking AI

Author: HankMMXVII, DeeTB720 | Compatible: 1.7.0 | Download: 49255 | Like: 39

This is a house from the future. Meet HAL 9001 – a talking super intelligent computer that can chat, compliment, play music and much more. (It ca get... 

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