Adventure Maps


The Orphanage

Author: omerci | Compatible: 1.6.1 | Download: 17640 | Like: 0

The Orphanage is one of the most popular horror maps for Minecraft: Java Edition. This is a ported version of that same map. The textures and some map... 


McDonald Mystery 2

Author: TheCommanderCreeper | Compatible: 1.6.1 | Download: 4174 | Like: 0

This map is the continuation of the first McDonald Mystery. In the previous map, you have been already solved the mystery in McVille. And escaped from... 


Alteir Lab: Floor 1

Author: McMCPE1234 | Compatible: 1.6.1 | Download: 682 | Like: 0

Welcome to your first day as an intern at Alteir Labs, the world’s most advanced and successful research facilities. They provide top quality security,... 


Outlast: The Chase

Author: mikkeeeyyyy | Compatible: 1.6.1 | Download: 21183 | Like: 23

Outlast: The Chase is based of the game with the same name created by RedBarrels. Hell is an experiment you can’t survive in Outlast. In this map, you... 


Project Spectron

Author: MegaStriker | Compatible: 1.6.1 | Download: 2704 | Like: 0

Project Spectron is an insane massive adventure and exploration map which offers a cybernetic atmosphere and lots of cool places for players to explore.... 


Modern House

Author: GilinskysBxbe,Ronnametz | Compatible: 1.6.1 | Download: 6006 | Like: 10


The Unknown II

Author: Zucth | Compatible: 1.6.1 | Download: 4076 | Like: 4

The Unknown II is a horror adventure map which takes place in an old and abandoned building. Alone, you’ll make your way through the building in order... 


Bendy Game Horror

Author: BendyTheDemon | Compatible: 1.6.1 | Download: 3639 | Like: 0

Bendy Game is a horror adventure and puzzle map series. This time you got a letter from a friend who wanted you to come back and visit the old shop. When... 


Tree House

Author: Luiz_Junior | Compatible: 1.6.1 | Download: 20090 | Like: 13



Author: xX Last Warning Xx | Compatible: 1.6.1 | Download: 9577 | Like: 0

This map is based on a very popular mobile game called Granny which was originally developed by DVloper. You’re trapped inside a creepy house and it’s... 

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