Adventure Maps


Toys Fight

Author: Ashley | Compatible: 1.5.3 | Download: 2160 | Like: 0


Goldfen Legend: ROTAR 2

Author: Zucth | Compatible: 1.5.2 | Download: 1976 | Like: 0

Goldfen Legend is an RPG styled adventure map which can be played by anywhere between 1-4 players. In this first chapter you have been asked to help repair... 


Space Shenanigans EP3 : S1 FINALE

Author: SkyGames Team | Compatible: 1.5.3 | Download: 2480 | Like: 0

This is the third and final episode of Space Shenanigans Season 1. After escaping the planet’s defense station through a teleporter you must find a way... 


Slendrina: The Cellar Level 1

Author: DarkPower202 | Compatible: 1.5.3 | Download: 11381 | Like: 21

The Cellar is the first part of the Slendrina horror map series which is based on a mobile game with the same name. This particular horror adventure takes... 


Bendy Game Horror

Author: BendyTheDemon | Compatible: 1.5.3 | Download: 6218 | Like: 0

This map is a previous part of the Bendy Game Horror series. This time you will find yourself waking up inside an old, abandoned music studio. But as things... 


Mutant Hunter: Sci-fi

Author: PUMPKINSI | Compatible: 1.5.3 | Download: 7420 | Like: 0

Your name is Jack and you are an Anti Mutant Vanguard Soldier (AMS). You’ve been sent on a mission to shut down the Zombie Mutant Brain Controller which... 


The Orphanage

Author: omerci | Compatible: 1.5.2 | Download: 14841 | Like: 0

The Orphanage is one of the most popular horror maps for Minecraft: Java Edition. This is a ported version of that same map. The textures and some map... 


The Railly Fun Tutorial

Author: Jeff Techmann | Compatible: 1.5.2 | Download: 1289 | Like: 0

Get ready, for you’ll go on a ride as shocking as the infamous third rail!


Escape Annie

Author: Gab_The_Crafter | Compatible: 1.5.1 | Download: 10266 | Like: 0

You’re trapped inside the basement of a house and your only wish is to get out. It doesn’t take long for you to figure out that the house is haunted,... 


SG Space Shenanigans EP2 : S1

Author: SkyGames Team | Compatible: 1.5.1 | Download: 6253 | Like: 0

This is the second episode of Space Shenanigans. After escaping the planet’s station you must arrive at the defense station (Man-Made Moon). Upon arriving,... 

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