Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE)


Hello Neighbor

Author: BendyTheDemon | Compatible: 1.6.1 | Download: 1953 | Like: 0

Hello Neighbor is originally a popular stealth horror PC game developed by tinyBuild. The main concept of the game is to attempt to sneak into your neighbor’s... 



Author: FabianDroiid | Compatible: 1.6.1 | Download: 94681 | Like: 60

LuckyBlocksRace is a competitive multiplayer racing game combined with lucky blocks. The main objective of the game is for players to run down a track... 


The Orphanage

Author: omerci | Compatible: 1.6.1 | Download: 17640 | Like: 0

The Orphanage is one of the most popular horror maps for Minecraft: Java Edition. This is a ported version of that same map. The textures and some map... 


McDonald Mystery 2

Author: TheCommanderCreeper | Compatible: 1.6.1 | Download: 4174 | Like: 0

This map is the continuation of the first McDonald Mystery. In the previous map, you have been already solved the mystery in McVille. And escaped from... 


Serenity Breeze

Author: ElectroCreeper | Compatible: 1.6.1 | Download: 2004 | Like: 0

Serenity Breeze took over 4 months to build and result is an magnificently detailed cruise ship. The creator himself even considers it the best cruise... 


The Tower of the Time

Author: jobetyk | Compatible: 1.6.1 | Download: 559 | Like: 0

Your mission is to find and obtain two wool blocks which you need for completing a monument. Find a way up the tower without mining or building your way... 


Alteir Lab: Floor 1

Author: McMCPE1234 | Compatible: 1.6.1 | Download: 682 | Like: 0

Welcome to your first day as an intern at Alteir Labs, the world’s most advanced and successful research facilities. They provide top quality security,... 


SG Spooky Dodgeball

Author: SkyGames Team | Compatible: 1.6.1 | Download: 850 | Like: 0

The Classic Dodgeball Game built in with some Snowball Brawl nostalgia! We have also spooked up the arena for Halloween! It’s a great game to play friends,... 


Outlast: The Chase

Author: mikkeeeyyyy | Compatible: 1.6.1 | Download: 21183 | Like: 23

Outlast: The Chase is based of the game with the same name created by RedBarrels. Hell is an experiment you can’t survive in Outlast. In this map, you... 


RBS Parkour

Author: Rainbow Steve 2 | Compatible: 1.6.1 | Download: 1528 | Like: 0

Welcome to RBS Parkour. One of the most difficult parkour maps for Minecraft. This map includes 4 action-packed levels that show no mercy. Each level gets... 

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