Addons for MinecraftPE


Penguin Addon for MCPE

Author: AlexCraft | Compatible: 1.5.3 | Download: 54 | Like: 6

This add-on replaces the creeper in-game with a penguin. These penguins will follow players that hold all kind of fishes and they can be tamed and healed... 


AdvancedMC Addon for MCPE

Author: JEBR_Gaming | Compatible: 1.5.3 | Download: 5740 | Like: 149

This add-on implements brand-new features such as new villagers, blocks and items. Everything to make Minecraft more interesting and fun to play. There... 


Items From Mods Addon for MCPE

Author: TheLinCof | Compatible: 1.5.3 | Download: 1734 | Like: 39

I think that many people played Minecraft Java Edition with mods. The community has created many mods, both global and simply modifying small aspects of... 


Kingdom Hearts III and Frozen Addon for MCPE

Author: Vernian LEMO – TDR build | Compatible: 1.5.3 | Download: 627 | Like: 20

This is an add-on based on Kingdom Hearts III video game and the popular movie called Frozen. It adds five new mobs which you’re likely to recognize... 


Zombie Commando Boss Addon for MCPE

Author: PrivatePeashooter28 | Compatible: 1.5.2 | Download: 2166 | Like: 52

The Zombie Commando is a brand new boss that doesn’t replace any mobs. You spawn it instead by using a name tag on a specific mob in-game. How does it... 


Throwing TNT and Dynamite Addon for MCPE

Author: CaptainJoe143 | Compatible: 1.5.3 | Download: 19677 | Like: 420

This add-on introduces four new items in-game which are used for throwing explosives. It’s a really good option if you need to modify the terrain (also... 


The Farlanders Addon for MCPE

Author: Fabiulu,TheEnderface | Compatible: 1.5.3 | Download: 10493 | Like: 261

This is an addon which replaces a couple of the mobs in Minecraft PE with those of the Farlander species. A long time ago their lands, known as the Far... 


Fortnite Addon for MCPE

Author: JEBR_Gaming | Compatible: 1.5.2 | Download: 38964 | Like: 1374

This addon includes weapons and items from the game Fortnite. There’s only one gun though, and that’s the Scar, due to the fact that there is only... 


Super Random Behaviors Addon for MCPE

Author: Codysaur2004 | Compatible: 1.5.3 | Download: 1602 | Like: 40

This add-on makes most mobs completely insane. Experience a Minecraft world as never before. Watch as a cow fights an enormous Husk, or let yourself fight... 


The Simpsons Addon for MCPE

Author: Fernancraft277998 | Compatible: 1.5.3 | Download: 1520 | Like: 45

This is an add-on which adds five characters from the popular animated sitcom called The Simpsons. The characters include Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart and... 

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