Addons for MinecraftPE


Armored Wolf Addon for MCPE

Author: Jujustyle7 | Compatible: 1.2.0 | Download: 160 | Like: 3

This add-on implements armor for the wolves. A wolf can’t really decide whether to wear the armor or not since they are always spawned with the armor... 


Snake Addon for MCPE

Author: Fernancraft277998 | Compatible: 1.1.5 | Download: 1282 | Like: 40

This add-on implements a big, fat snake to the game. In the wild they are extremely dangerous creatures with mostly vicious intentions. In case you manage... 


Ant-Man Addon for MCPE

Author: Kiritocris55 | Compatible: 1.1.5 | Download: 5430 | Like: 178

This add-on adds a few new items to the game which are needed to turn into Ant-Man who is a well known superhero in the Marvel Universe. By using these... 


Herobrine Addon for MCPE

Author: TheEnderface, HeroPlayz_YT, Jujustyle7 | Compatible: 1.1.5 | Download: 3714 | Like: 126

Herobrine is a community-made creepypasta who have long been rumored about his existence. Some truly believe that he’s a rare creature who sometimes... 


Plant VS Zombie Addon for MCPE

Author: Rexiar | Compatible: 1.1.5 | Download: 13464 | Like: 388

This is an addon which includes five different creatures from the popular tower defense game called Plants vs. Zombies. Some of the new mobs have new abilities... 


More Wolves Addon for MCPE

Author: _bisher | Compatible: 1.1.5 | Download: 4373 | Like: 115

This add-on increases the spawn frequency for wolves by making them spawn in all kinds of grass biomes. Previously they could only spawn in taiga and forest... 


Ancient Egypt Addon for MCPE

Author: TK-6606 | Compatible: 1.1.5 | Download: 3381 | Like: 102

Go back to the time of the Ancient Egyptians and meet and greet our ancient ancestors. Some of them are friendly and will even trade with you. But some... 


Jimbos Modern Weapons Addon for MCPE

Author: Jimbo_Acob | Compatible: 1.0.0 | Download: 39196 | Like: 887

This addon upgrades some of the low-tech tools to modern standard weapons. The weapons can be used for exterminating anything which becomes a threat to... 


Trading Cards Addon for MCPE

Author: Kingbudderjr | Compatible: 1.1.5 | Download: 4552 | Like: 124

This add-on implements 14 new trading cards to the game which is perfect if you are looking for a new and fun challenge. Some cards require that you kill... 


Better Storage Addon for MCPE

Author: Kingbudderjr | Compatible: 1.1.4 | Download: 2169 | Like: 46

Storage Creates are a new type of block (added by this add-on) which lets you store all of your items (e.g. carrots) in one particular block. The crates... 

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