Burn It Down: Desserts Edition

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This is a new type of minigame inspired by a popular YouTube series by PopularMMOs. The levels include three different structures (which look like desserts) and is each considered a separate level. It’s the objective of the players to find a way to survive on these forsaken deserts which are slowly burnt down by lava and fire. It’s recommended for multiplayer.

How to play?

This map includes three different structures which are based on tasty desserts. Each structure is a level/game and can be started by pressing one of the buttons in the lobby. However, before starting make sure to select a class.

Each structure is flammable and short after you’ve started a game lava will come flowing down from above. It’s your objective to survive for as long as possible before the entire structure is burnt down.

There are hidden items scattered around the structure which will help your chances of survival while playing. It’s the most fun to play in multiplayer.


  • New gamemode: survival (no longer adventure mode)
  • New rule: render distance 8 chunks
  • Changed the floor to lava to prevent ender pearling to grond
  • Made the structures look better and have new chests inside
  • Updated class names and items
  • Fixed some gamerules

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