Blue Topia

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Blue Topia is a an amazing city with more than 270 buildings with detailed interiors. There are plenty of different areas worth exploring. Such as Chinese palaces, historical constructions, a Fun Land and tons of others things which are fun to visit. Blue Topia is without doubt one of the most detailed cities available for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.

Here’s a map over the city.

Here’s an overview of the city. It doesn’t cover all parts.




  • Christmas decorations removed
  • Renovated Wilson City, Wiki Town, Legislative Council
  • Added Topia Water Sports Centre, Glass Town GOV Centre, Joint Tower Mall
  • Wilson City: Capital Horizons Apartments, Wilson Hotel, the biggest hotel
  • Reconstruction: Glass Town A2, Funland Fantasy World
  • New development: Ice-Snow, Mossy Forest

Note from the creator:

BlueTopia, also called Blue City, was created back in 2012 when world generation is still finite. In this eighth release(v9.0) it has been developed into a modern metropolitan. With lights shining, shops around you, fast & easy-to-use transport system, you can get around the world and enjoy the delight of being an MC citizen seamlessly. If you are bothered by the hustle and bustle, you can enjoy your day in FunLand! Here is the city which considers the safety, quality of life of citizens. We hope you a good trip around the city. Check out the travel guide so you won’t miss any of the attractions on this map!



  • Reconstructed the skyline of the city with 20 more buildings in the world
  • Whole new: World Height Tower, much taller now
  • Whole new: Senkyo Railway Link and new areas
  • Whole new: Wilson City: Capital Horizons Apartments and Wilson Hotel
  • Reconstructed: Glass Town A2 and FunLand Fantasy World
  • New development of Reich Town and Wiki Town


Important: This map’s file size exceeds 100 MB and will take quite a long time for most of you to download.


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