Bloxnite: Fortnite

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Bloxnite is a PvP and minigame based on Fortnite which is one of the top multiplayer battle royal games in the world. This map includes similar features such as a moving battle bus, a fully working crate and shop system and a building system which resets each round. Invite some friends and play a few rounds of Fort.. Bloxnite in Minecraft!


  • Moving battle bus
  • Working reset system so you can play infinite times
  • Working crate / shop system (only sells keys)
  • Custom textures / behaviors, note the textures were not made by us, they were made by @JEBR_Gaming, modded by Byrnorthil behaviors
  • Working building system (resets)


  • MineClan888 (Owner/Builder)
  • RedSlimeTime25 (Lead developer)
  • DeniableTax (Builder)
  • JEBR_Gaming (Textures, special thanks to him xD, remember it’s not our textures!)
  • Byrnorthil (dev)
  • XPAdventure (Builder)
  • SchylTEK (Builder)
  • Gameboi (Builder/tester)

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