BlackCelestial Survival: Ultra Hardcore

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BlackCelestial Survival is a Complete The Monument map with several survival challenges. It’s a quite fun map in that sense that it includes some custom features. For example, by collecting each block you will gain a new special ability. The gameplay works similar as to skyblock and the game uses a lot of custom commands and customized mobs. It’s recommended for 1-2 players.


  • Fix Difficulty (Some item that increase you to much power)
  • Fix bug (Goat Trojant)
  • Fix Glass Temple command
  • Fix Dimension Bug
  • Add Feature (New)
  • Combzea Dimension
    • (Ice Dimension)
  • Lab Area
    • (Crafting Custom Skill)
  • More 10+ Celestial/ Dungeon/ CustomCrafting
    • (Angry Cactus,Bed,Creator Official,Spronge Dungeon,Cloud Celestial,Lab Area,Desert Pillar,Magic Craftingtable,Quartz mining,Mushroom-podzol,Abandon Shipwreck,Compass Craftingtable,Ice Cave, and many more that I cannot remember!)
  • New Archivement
    • (Enter The End)
    • (Enter Nether)
    • (Enter the Lab)
  • More Tip
    • (Survival Tip on the map)
  • The custom cmb change this world to almost like use mod!
  • Redstone Ore
    • (Celestia: Quartz Mining)
  • Add More Difficulty on (Surviving and do the dungeon)

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