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This add-on includes a new bird in the game called a toucan. More birds will most likely be added as soon as the bird mechanics have been improved (based on suggestions provided by you good folks). The toucan is a really cute bird which can be found mostly everywhere flying around. It’s actually the only existing bird which can fly currently. It’s halfway finished and so far it includes options for two different colors.

How does it work?

The chicken is replaced by an exotic bird called a Toucan. The bird (in Minecraft) is roughly the same size as the chicken but it got different textures and a long beak.

Sometimes you’ll find it close down by the ground, but for the most part they are flying around in the air. It really is a beautiful bird.

You can’t tame the bird, but you can put it on a leash. But since they are mostly flying around it can be quite tricky (especially in survival mode) to catch one.

Every time that a toucan spawns it can either spawn as a good toucan or a bad toucan. Good toucans lay normal eggs and bad toucans lay rotten eggs. The normal egg has a certain percentage chance to spawn an adult toucan. The rotten egg replaces the poisonous potato, so if you eat it, you have a 60% risk to get poisoned.

General Toucan Features

  • Drops raw toucan meat, 1-8 feathers
  • Can be leashed
  • Ability to fly
  • Good toucans lay normal eggs (50% spawn chance)
  • Bad toucans lay rotten eggs (50% spawn chance)

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