Be a Wizard

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This map adds several new items to the game by the use of redstone and commands blocks. All items have new features which will give you powers of a wizard. For example, one of the new items lets you transform blocks into thin air. And another item can be used for speeding up the time. All items require that you are within a close proximity of the command blocks though.

How does it work?

Press the button on the wall of the big blue box to get started and obtain some items. You’ll then have to drop the stick and end crystal items on the floor to obtain the wizard items.

Here’s a list of all obtainable items:

  • Abra-Ka-Block: A wand which you can use to remove blocks 10 blocks away from you.
  • Ala-Crunch-Zam: A sword which spawns crocodiles (also known as evocation fangs) 10 blocks away from you. It’s useful for PvE.
  • Time Travel: Speed up time!
  • Flying-Boom: A throwable item which spawns a lot of creepers and TNT.
  • Fireworks: Spawns a lot of zombies, skeeltons and spiders.
  • Angel-Dive Trap: When thrown on the ground spawns a land mine. If a player or other entity walks over it then they will start flying.
  • Insta-Fort: Spawns a small fort for your protection.
  • Wizard Hat & Boots: Powerful wearable items which you can use to walk on water and other.

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