BasinPVP Map for MCPE

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This is a PvP map which lets you customize the colors of the arena and it’s all done by using a simple selection system (powered by redstone and command blocks). It uses 16 of the new concrete blocks and you can combine them any way you like. Players are given some weapons and gear but also some wood planks which they can use for skybasing.

How to play?

Before you enter the arena you can customize the colors to your choosing. There are 16 different concrete colors and you are allowed to select up to two different colors. If you aren’t satisfied with the result then you can reset it to its default setting (expect some lag) and then choose two new colors.

Here you can see two different color settings. It doesn’t have any effect on the actual gameplay. It’s just a visual thing.

You can press a button at spawn to automatically teleport everyone to the arena (as well as giving them the necessary items for fighting). Players are also given a bunch of wooden planks which can be used for building inside the arena.

Wait for everyone to join before initiating a countdown.


  • Don’t break blocks
  • You are only allowed to place oak planks
  • Spread out once inside the arena and then initiate a countdown to begin the PvP
  • Play fair
  • Don’t exit the map borders
  • Skybasing is allowed as long as it isn’t taller than the map walls
  • Once a round is completed type /kill @e twice to clear all of the items inside the arena

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