Basic TV Map for MCPE

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his map was created to showcase an idea (or concept) for TVs in Minecraft. Right now it can only be used to watch one TV program and to build it you will need a whole bunch of different items. It makes use of a resource pack and it’s included in the world download. If you like this idea then make sure to give it a try in-game!

How does it work?

As soon as you’ve entered the world you will notice that you’ve spawned in front of a house. Enter the house to find the TV. The TV is very basic as it shows just one program and there is no sound.

Here are the textures which was changed in order to build the TV:

  • Fire: Replaced by other images to create the TV program
  • Glass: Retextured to make it look better as a TV screen
  • Painting: One painting has been replaced by a TV off-air picture. It is displayed when the TV is turned off.


Have a seat and watch some TV after a long day of adventures. There is just one TV program and it’s not too exciting but it’s still pretty cool.


Here’s a video which showcases the TV. I edited the resource pack to improve it but I still want to give full credits to the original creator.


Important: Once you’ve loaded the world make sure that there is a resource pack loaded for the world.

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