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Alien Escape! is a multiplayer minigame which is recommended for 2-5 players. One player will be the Alien and the remaining players will play as the Humans. The Humans are stuck on an alien spaceship and have to escape by shutting off 5 different power generators to activate the exit. But the Alien has different plans and have to eliminate them before they can escape.

How to play?

Players can choose between two different roles. Either they can be an evil alien or they can be humans who try to escape.

  • Alien – Kill all humans before they escape
  • Humans – Stand on pressure plates to activate 5 generators to activate the exit and then escape


  • 2 – 5 players (max 1 alien)
  • Play on easy
  • You are only allowed to loot your own chests. The Alien’s loot areas are surrounded by eggs and the Humans loot areas are in the lab areas.

Gear Information

  • Alien
    • Claws – Basic melee weapon
    • Tail – Powerful, but low durability
    • Acid Spit: Right-click on the ground to spit acid for a short amount of time. Humans who walk on the acid will get poisoned for a few seconds.
  • Humans
    • Blaster – Single shot gun, slows the alien
    • Slowing Ammo – Ammunition  for the blaster
    • Medkit – Right-click on the ground to use it
    • Hide – Right-click on the ground to become invisible for a short moment of time
    • Barrier – Use barriers to stick the Alien in his tracks and prevent him from getting you quickly.
    • Knife – Melee weapon for fighting off the alien

Video Review

Here’s a detailed video which you can watch to learn the basics of the map.

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