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Alex’s Commands Mod is a really useful mod you can use if you want to be able to control your in-game gameplay by the use of simple command lines. There are more than 30 commands to choose from so there’s definitely something to cover most emergencies in-game.

Scroll down further down on this page to see all available commands and to find out what each one does.


One of the commands is /nuke which will cause a massive explosion and probably a little bit of lag.



  • /heal: Maximum health
  • /clock: Shows the current time
  • /setspawn: Sets the world spawn to your current location (players who die will spawn here)
  • /sethome [NAME]: Set a new homepoint to your current location
  • /home [NAME]: Teleport to the different homepoints you set. Don\’t teleport to an homepoint that wasn\’t set!
  • /weather [sun / rain / storm / lightning]: Set the weather how you like
  • /day: Set time to day
  • /night: Set time to night
  • /credits: See information about the author of the mod
  • /kill: Kills yourself
  • /cc: Clear the chat
  • /normal: Reset game speed
  • /faster: Accelerate the game speed
  • /slowmo: Makes all in slow motion
  • /xyz: Show current location
  • /feed: Fill your hunger
  • /nuke: Huge explosion!
  • /soon: Features which are coming soon
  • /fly [on / off]: Toggle flying
  • /gm [1 / 0]: Change your gamemode
  • /check: Shows information about PE and the mod
  • /remover: You can remove EVERY block with one click (by a special stick)
  • /give [ID] [AMOUNT]: Give items
  • /settime [TIME]: Set a specific world time
  • /xp set [LEVEL]: Set your experience level
  • /xp add [LEVEL]: Add experience levels to your current levels
  • /v [ON / OFF]: Toggle vanish
  • /iteminfo: Shows information about carried item
  • /tp [X] [Y] [Z]: Teleport to coordinates
  • /wname: Shows the name of the world
  • /antioch: A little surprise (WARNING, explosion ;D)
  • /mine [fast / reset]: Sets the mining speed
  • /hero [LEVEL] [SECONDS]: Set your hero level (healthboost etc.)
  • /helimit [HALFHEARTS / off]: Set a minimum heart level (so you can\’t die)
  • /hulimit [HALFHUNGERBARS / off]: Same like /helimit but with hunger bars
  • /eclear: Remove all effects
  • /leave: Leave the game



Important: This mod requires BlockLauncher or a similar app which can load ModPE mods.


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