Alex Home Homepoints Mod for MCPE

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Alex’s Home is a mod which lets you set multiple different homepoints at different points across your world. You can then use different commands to teleport to any of your set homepoints in the same world. There are also some extra commands which relate to spawning such as one which lets you set the worldspawn.


How does it work?

Here is a list of all available commands for this mod. You can also access the list by typing the following text command in-game: /ah help

  • /ah help – Displays a list of available mod commands.
  • /ah setspawn – Sets world spawn to your current location
  • /ah sh [name] – Sets a homepoint at your current location
  • /ah h [name] – Teleports you to your homepoint
  • /ah tutorial – Text tutorial for this mod

The commands basically allows you to set multiple spawnpoints around the world and teleport to them using different commands.


Important: Make sure you’ve got the latest update for BlockLauncher.


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